1982 Shepparton

Queensland Men

Final Place – 4th

  • John Byrnes
  • Mark Casserley
  • Richard Clews
  • Bob Coupland
  • Peter Hastie
  • Michael Kurrittu
  • Wayne McNamara
  • Kerry Rosser
  • Kim Sewell
  • Ross Symonds

Coach – Randall Robertson
Manager – Phil Muller

Queensland Women

Final Place – 6th

  • Ingrid Brieffies
  • Lisa Borgeaud/Moo
  • Elizabeth Follent
  • Trish Guilfoyle
  • Jenny Huth
  • Janelle Kennedy
  • Kerry Mitchell/Styles
  • Shelly Perry
  • Vicki Powell
  • Anne-Marie Riordan/Anderson
  • Sue Sewell

Coach – Anne-Marie Riordan

One Response to “1982 Shepparton”

  1. AMRiordan Says:

    J. Kennedy is Janelle Kennedy from Brisbane. V. Powell is Vicki Powell. J Huth is Jenny.

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