QLD Academy of Sport

Volleyball has been involved with The Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) since the mid 1990’s. Under the Intensive Training Program (ITC) an agreement was put in place between the AVF, QVA and the QAS to set up a Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Program with full time coaches.

Beginning in November 1994, a squad of 11 Men and 12 Women were offered full scholarships, with Ross Symonds being appointed as the Women’s Head Coach, and Russell Borgeaud as the Men’s Head Coach.

The program has evolved from an Elite Indoor Teams focus, to a solely Elite Beach Volleyball focus, and now back to a dual discipline status, training athletes in both beach and indoor volleyball. The QAS Volleyball Program has had great success in producing some of Australia’s top volleyballs, namely Natalie Cook, three time Olympian, and 1996 Bronze Medalists and more notably 2000 Gold Medalist.

The Program Head Coaches have been

  • Russell Borguead
  • Ross Symonds
  • Steve Anderson
  • Matt Grinlaubs
  • Dan Ilott

Assistant Coaches

  • Allan Young
  • Brad Cotton
  • Bob Coupland
  • Rodney Stewart
  • Craig Marshall
  • Steve Anderson
  • Scott Newcomb
  • Amanda Fielding
  • Boris Georgieff
  • Darko Savic
  • Tony Hinton
  • Dan Ilott
  • Grant Robertson
  • Darren Wilson
  • Zane Christensen

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