National Seniors

The latest updated for the Volleyball Queensland Rep Team site is all about National Seniors. Thanks to Wally Lebedew, former AVF Board Member, AVF Life Member and all round legend, who has kept records of all the Volleyball tournaments since their inception in the 60’s.

The inaugural Australian Open Volleyball Championships was held in 1962 in Melbourne, and was contested by only 3 mens teams, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria. It wasn’t until 3 years later that a women’s division was added in 1965, and in the following years the other states of Tasmania, ACT and Western Australia joined the competition. Queensland’s debut at the tournament was in 1971 in Adelaide, which marked the first occasion that all 6 states, plus the ACT were represented. Read More…

One Response to “National Seniors”

  1. Colin Izatt Says:

    Ive been involved with this great game for over 38 years here in Queensland, although now well and truly retired from it !
    Ive seen some great players come out of this state but my best team and the players I admired the most are:

    Phil Borgeaud
    Russell Borgeaud
    Grant Robertson
    John Byrnes
    Mikka Kurrutu
    Bruce Bourner
    Wayne McNamara
    Greg McDiarmid
    Keith Whalley
    Ross Symonds
    John Newcombe
    Kerry Rosser

    Coach : Peter Marr

    Wonder how they would go against teams of the new millenium … I am sure they would rattle a few teams, some of the hardest competitors I have ever played with or against

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