1993 NIGP

  Women Men
Canberra 1st 2nd
Sydney 1st 1st
Brisbane 1st 1st
Melbourne 3rd 2nd
Perth 5th 3rd
National Cup 3rd 3rd
National Championship 1st 2nd

Pirates Men

  • Russell Borgeaud
  • Glenn Everson
  • Danny McDonald
  • David Pilchowski
  • Muray Teis
  • Paul Arnicar
  • Craig Marshall
  • Terry Rudder
  • Todd Arnell
  • Randall Appleby
  • Matt Grinluabs
  • Lee Zahner
  • Pat Gulline
  • Darren Donaldson (VTAM)
  • Scott Newcomb (VTAM)
  • Steve Lugge (VTAM)
  • Bruce Bourner (VTAM)
  • Russell Wentworth (VTAM)
  • Josh Pepper (VTAM)

Coach – Bob Coupland
Asst Coach – Russell Borgeaud

Pirates Women

  • Anita Dobbo
  • Linda Symonds
  • Leisa McGiffin
  • Natalie Cook
  • Sharon Browning
  • Anne-Marie Riordan
  • Kim Adolphs
  • Angela Clarke
  • Stephanie Hanrahan
  • Tanya Maher
  • Frances Kemp
  • Adrienne White
  • Kirsten Blake
  • Amanda Fielding
  • Shelley Probin

Coach – Ross Symonds
Asst Coach – Allan Young

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