1971 Adelaide

Queensland Men

Final Place – 6th

  • Hans Brantz
  • Bart Lommerse
  • John Lyffyt
  • Peter Marr
  • Peter Monster – Captain
  • Mack Skuja
  • Chris Viner-Smith

Coach – Peter Monster

Queensland Women

Final Place – 8th

  • Agnes Berickx
  • Phlip Brantz – Captain
  • Caroline Burton/Sommerville
  • Terese Du Tournier
  • Vicki Callaghan
  • Julie Ellis
  • Joyce Hooymans
  • Janelle Wasley/Chuter

Coach – Hans Brantz

Back row left to right: Hans Brantz, Mack Skuja, Peter Monster, Bart Lommerse, Peter Marr, Chris Viner-Smith, John Lijffijt, Janelle Wasley
Front row l to r: Joyce Hooijmans, Agnes Derickx, Julie Ellis, Phlip Brantz, Carol Burton, Barbara Robson (mgr), Vicky Callaghan, Terese Du Tournier

More Pics

3 Responses to “1971 Adelaide”

  1. Hans Brantz Says:

    Nice information but lacking in pictorial content. Would you be interested in photographs of 1971 and 1972 events?
    I still have some,

  2. Janelle Wasley (Chuter) Says:

    I would love to see those photos and I think I have some as well somewhere.

  3. Hans Brantz Says:

    How do I get those photos to you? What size do you want them? I have the Queensland representations of 1971 and 1972. Many of them feature Janelle W

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