1985 NVL

Queensland Pirates Men



  • Gary O’Donnell
  • Wayne McNamara
  • Bruce Bourner
  • Alan Symonds
  • Ross Symonds
  • Niels Kingma
  • Phil Borgeaud


  • Russ Borgeaud
  • Bob Coupland
  • Steve Lugge
  • Col Aitken
  • Kerry Rosser

Queensland Pirates Women



  • Vanessa Exintaris (Coach)
  • Jenny Phipps
  • Liz Follent
  • Therese Gleeson,
  • Anita Palm
  • Jenny Thwaites
  • Jane Day


  • Linda Dempsey
  • Roxanne Kitchener
  • Anne-Marie Riordan
  • Pam Jansons
  • Karen Crickmore

3 Responses to “1985 NVL”

  1. Kay Bridge Says:

    Back Row: Vanessa Exintaris (Coach)Jenny Phipps, Liz Follent,Therese Gleeson, Anita Palm, Jenny Thwaites, Jane Borgeaud(nee??)
    Front Row: Linda Dempsey, Roxanne Kitchener, Anne-Marie Riordan, Pam Jansons, Karen ?

  2. Debbie Ridderbeks Says:

    Just to let you know I played in this team but did not play in the Grand Final held on 15th June, 1985 as it was my Wedding Day. I’m thinking this picture was probably taken Grand Final Day. It is disappointing to be missed out.

    Also Karen’s surname was Crickmore.

  3. AMRiordan Says:

    Jane Borgeaud’s maiden name was Day.

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