a work in progess

Welcome to my site, a record of players that have represented Queensland over the many years. As the heading says, it’s a work in progress, and possibly a labour of love, but a fun project at the same. If you have any information to add, please send it to me, I hope to get as much info up here as possible.

12 Responses to “a work in progess”

  1. devo Says:

    Do you sleep?

  2. thenderson7 Says:

    maybe i really do eat, sleep and breathe volleyball. T

  3. Patti McIntosh Says:

    That’s really interesting. You have been busy finding all that info. It’s enlightening to see where we’ve come from and the names of people I haven’t seen for a while but remember fondly.

    Don’t mean to be picky though, there’s one typo… In the paragraph that starts “In 1970,” the first mention of Shados is spelt as “Shades”.

    I’m a proud Shados member and would like the records to be correct. And just to be clear, it wasn’t pronounced “shadows”, the o was shorter but I can’t think what other word is like it to write it down. It actually stood for Strategic Headquarters of Alien Defense Organization Services. Anthony Luck reminded us and kept us in touch with our roots. I hope this helps and is entertaining too.

  4. thenderson7 Says:

    Thanks for the Patti, correction noted and fixed. Cheers, T

  5. Taz Says:

    Websites are looking awesome!! keep up the good work! love the info you found about the start of volleyball in QLD

  6. Doylee Says:

    The page is looking really good. I’ll try drum up some photos of some teams when I get the chance.

  7. Rob See Says:

    Hi Theresa,
    This is fantastic work you are doing here. Great to see

  8. AMRiordan Says:

    Hi Therese I am still working on that list for you. I have not forgotten it. Still doing some research. Everything you have done Looks great. Somethings to add. The Australian Youth(u/20) teams from the late 1970s that went to Hawaii and played in Canberra. Also aust senior teams that went New Caledonia for a tri Nations series against NC and NZ. I think maybe 1979/1980. Anyway I have that info for you.

  9. Kym Lee (now Godfrey) Says:

    Well How Great is this. My younger brother called me to tell me about the web site and to let me know I wasn’t on it…
    being a work-in-progress I have some additional info for you..
    I started playing Volleyball with the Bundaberg Assoc in 1972. First Qld team U/15 in 1973
    From that time was in the Qld Girls team 1973, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 80, 81, 82 (I think) at our age it seems and era ago…. and 1973 chosen in “Honorary Aust team” as Volleyball had not yet been included in the Olympics.
    Originally playing with Katrina Baird, Jane Evans, Debbie Cruikshank, Roxanne Kitchener just to name a few. Original Nationals in Tas in 1973 coached by Peter Marr, Jan Cahill and Maree Maher all our second parents at the time for a lot of years.
    Will do some digging, have photo’s from all of these titles for the whole 9 years.

  10. Roy Bruynius Says:

    Now that Therese has left us ( and boy do we all miss her!!)I hope that the site continues to develop. Photos would be great nd I’m sure Peter Marr, former president, will have many. The fact that there has only been 9 comments suggests that not many people know about the site, perhaps Volleyball Queensland could publise it and combine it with a 40 year anniversary in 2009

  11. Kerry Styles Says:

    Great to see that T started this – so much history that hasn’t been written down !! I’ll keep trying to remember things and add comments to help out. A 40 year anniversary would be fantastic !! Cheers

  12. Kerry Styles Says:

    Just a few more things – Australian Mens’ & Womens’ teams played in the Oceania Tournament in Noumea, New Caledonia in May 1978.

    Australian Women played in the Asian Games in Hong Kong in Nov/ Dec 1979 ( qualifying for Moscow Olympics) – Aust came 4th ( 1. China, 2. Japan, 3. Korea 4. Aust ) – only the top 2 countries qualified fro the Olympics. I believe this may be the highest result for Aust women in Asian Games ever ??
    Australian Women then played a short tour vs Japan (Easter 1980- Adelaide, Melbourne Sydney ) as Japan prepared for Moscow.
    During the 1980 lead up to Moscow the Chinese team and then Korea boycotted. The IOC contacted the AOC regarding the updated qualification of the Australian Women’s team after the boycotts ( Aust was now “in” for the Moscow Olympics as teh #2 qualifier) – but the AVF said that ” because the women hadn’t been together since the Easter tour with Japan it would be too hard -so no go” . None of the Australian team knew about this until 1981 when we went on the first ever fully paid trip (for a tournament in Hong Kong )- we found out that the money came from the Aust government , money left over because the Aust government didn’t financially support the sports that did actually compete in Moscow.
    1982 – Australian Women went to Peru for a tournament – I was selected but was injured and had to withdraw – so not sure about what the tournament was and can’t remember who was in the Aust team ( Ann-Marie Riordan was I think)

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