1998 QAS

Men Indoor

  • Damien Jensen
  • Steven Kier
  • Jarrod Novosel
  • Luke Shorten

Women Indoor

  • Majella Brown
  • Jane McDougall

Men Beach

  • Brendan Turner
  • Jeff Grocott
  • Lee Zahner
  • Matt Grinluabs
  • Patrick Gulline
  • Josh Slack
  • Rowan Searle
  • Shaun Blackman
  • Simon McCloy
  • Todd Forrest

Beach Women

  • Angela Clarke
  • Annette Huygens-Tholen
  • Natalie Cook
  • Nicole Sanderson
  • Danica Barty
  • Janet Schloss
  • Summer Lockowicz

One Response to “1998 QAS”

  1. Russ Borgeaud Says:

    Good job – it is really coming along. When I get time (later in the year) I’ll look up my old QAS info to help fill in ’94 – 97. Also I’ll check through my old tournament photos and give you some info on players back to the ’75 U/18s in Perth.

    By the way my National team years were ’81 82 83 87 88 89 90 91.

    You had better remind me about that info in about October so that I might find it before Schools Cup in December.

    Once again good job and interesting read

    Russ (in Denmark at the moment)

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